Project Team @ American Baptist Historical Society

Located on the professional campus of Mercer University in suburban Atlanta, the American Baptist Historical Society is the archive and historical interpreter of American Baptist Churches in the United States of America.

Materials held in the Archives Center include:

  • original correspondence of home and overseas missionaries,
  • official denominational minutes and publications,
  • documents from the Baptist World Alliance,
  • personal papers of Baptist leaders,
  • photographs and glass slides,
  • artifacts and mementos.

For several days, Joshua Finnell pored over the American Baptist Missionary Union Register to identify American Baptist missionaries with an affiliation with Denison University. A master list of missionaries can be found here. Whereas missionaries such as Gordon Seagrave are fairly well known, many lesser known Denison-affiliated missionaries were uncovered in the archive.

critiqueLewis Ezra Hicks

Denison University class of 1868.

Natural History faculty at Denison University

President of Rangoon Baptist College

Wallace St. John IMG_2992

Denison University class of 1893

English Faculty Member at Rangoon Baptist College

Author of The Literature of Burma

Washington Irving Price

Denison University class of 1864

Appointed to Karen Mission of Shwegyin, Burma

Irving PriceIrving Price 2






In addition to research, Joshua spent several days discussing avenues of partnership between Denison University and the American Baptist Historical Society in digitizing the personal letters and correspondence of several Denison-affiliated missionaries with Dr. Deborah Bingham Van Broekhoven and Jan Ballard.

The American Baptist Historical Society will continue to be a valuable partner as the project continues to develop.


2 thoughts on “Project Team @ American Baptist Historical Society

  1. Hello, my name is Joshua and I recently completed an MA in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics at the University of Birmingham. I wrote my thesis on the eutaxiological argument for God’s existence. Lewis Ezra Hicks, in his book A Critique of Design Arguments (which you have pictured above), coined the term ‘eutaxiological’ and is the first person to identify this unique type of design argument. I owe a lot to this man but know very little about him. It is amazing to discover he was, not only a geologist, but also a Baptist missionary and the president of a Baptist university in Burma!

    I would love to learn more about this fascinating individual–as I am preparing to expand my MA thesis into my PhD dissertation–but the library at the University of Birmingham has only one obscure magazine article reviewing his book. Would you be willing to help me find more information about him? Namely, do you know of anything else he wrote (personal letters, articles, books, etc)?

    I should add that I’m currently visiting my parents in Marietta Ohio; thus, I am only an hour and a half away from Denison University.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    • Thank you so much for your help! I contacted Sasha and she was extremely kind and helpful. In fact, she sent me an email containing Denison’s entire digital archive on L. E. Hicks. God bless! 🙂

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